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Conditions of rent a car in the Dominican Republic

Payment terms

  • The amount of the lease includes: 
    • All taxes and fees
    • theft insurance
    • MTPL insurance
    • CASCO insurance with franchise (check with our manager for franchise size)
    • 24 hour free cancellation
    • unlimited daily race
    • standard car wash
  • Payment by card systems: Mastercard, Visa. 
  • When renting, the Lessee must make a deposit according to the category of the car (check with our manager)

Which documents are required

  • Your country ‘s driver ‘s license. Rights of any type will be suitable (will be valid in the country within 3 months).
  • International passport.

Car issue and return

  • The car is provided with a fully filled tank, clean, equipped with everything necessary (air conditioning, standard audio system, spare wheel).
  • When returning a car with an incomplete tank/dirty, the Tenant pays for refuelling services.
  • If on return the external condition of the vehicle makes it difficult to inspect it, the inspection is carried out only after washing.

Specially equipment for cars

We will be happy to provide you with additional equipment – WiFi modem, child seat and GPS navigator. In order to be guaranteed to receive equipment on the day of rental, inform the manager in advance and do not forget to turn on the equipment when booking a car on our website.

Additional driver

By default, insurance is only valid if the car is driven by a lessee. In order for insurance to extend to third parties, it is necessary to notify the manager of our company in advance for further paperwork. Each additional driver must have a valid driver’s license.

Rent extension

You can extend your current lease without a personal presence in our office. To do this, you are obliged to inform our manager by phone within 24 hours.

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