Humpback whales in the Dominican Republic

From the beginning of January to the end of March, flocks of humpback whales come to Samana Bay. This is probably the most spectacular event in the Dominican Republic. Huge mammals go a long way from the shores of Iceland, Greenland, Canada and North America to give birth to their babies in the warm waters of the Dominican Republic.

How to Watch Humpback Whales in the Dominican Republic

There are two ways to visit Samana Bay.

  1. Buy a one-day excursion leaving the city of Miches. And also you can independently get to this port city and go in search of humpback whales. The advantages of independent travel is that you choose the route yourself and do not depend on large groups of travel companies.
  2. Go on their own to the peninsula of Samana. Samana is not only whales and the island of Bacardi (Cayo Levantado) is also the most beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic, waterfalls, caves and colorful cities.

Everything is clear with the first route. The road to the city of Miches is a little over an hour on a completely new asphalt road. It is better to arrive early in the morning at 9-10 in the morning. If you are traveling on your own, we also recommend visiting Mount Redonda, which is 16 km from the city of Miches.

The second way to watch the Humpback whales will definitely remain in your memory and these will be the most eventful days of your vacation in the Dominican Republic. The distance from the city of Punta Cana to Saman is about 300 km on a perfectly even surface, keep in mind that this route is paid, all the details of the journey through it are described on our website. The journey will take about 4 hours, on the way back we also recommend visiting the first city of the New World, the capital of the Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic) – Santo Domingo.

Places recommended for visiting on the Samana Peninsula:

See you on the roads of the Dominican Republic!