Taxi fare in the tourist area of Punta Cana

Although there is Uber in the Dominican Republic, he works exclusively in the capital of the country in the city of Santo Domingo. Public transport runs rarely and randomly, and pleasure is dubious, albeit beneficial. Therefore, the taxi in Punta Cana thrives and keeps a high level of prices.

There are only 10 airports in the Dominican Republic:

The most popular tourist destination, of course, is Punta Cana Airport, but recently, Anex Tour has given new life to La Romana Airport and has begun to fly to this airport. I must say right away that if you don’t have paid for the transfer from this airport, then a taxi will cost a lot of money, so take care of this in advance.

This article will focus on the airport of Punta Cana. Immediately upon arrival, leaving the airport you will see crowds of men dressed in pink or yellow shirts, this is the local taxi. Their prices are fixed, so it is useless to bargain here, choose the car you like the most and go. Below is a list of prices for their services, prices are in US dollars.

We remind you that you can rent a car with us at the airport. See you on the roads of the Dominican Republic.