Toll roads in the Dominican Republic

Most of the country’s major highways are paid. Payment is made in local currency exclusively in cash, Dominican pesso (RD $) and paid by the tenant. This is a payment for the high quality coverage of the European level. Also, these highways are constantly serviced and they are provided with round-the-clock support through the MOPC services (Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Comunicaciones – Ministry of Public Works and Communications), which can easily be confused with the local police. These smiling guys will always come to the rescue and will not leave you in trouble, will help to change the wheel in case of arrival and will help with refueling if it suddenly caught you by surprise, and you can also call our round-the-clock support from them.

Below is a list of paid checkpoints and their cost.

Punta Cana – Santo Domingo

Estación de Peaje Coral II Punta Cana Bávaro – 100 RD$

Coral Highway Toll station I – 60 RD$

Tollgate La Romana – 100 RD$

Peaje Autopista Las Americas – 60 RD$

Santo Domingo – Samana

Peaje Autopista del Nordeste – 53 RD$

Peaje Naranjal – 174 RD$

Peaje de Guaraguao – 204 RD$

Peaje El Catey – 528 RD$

*the price is in local currency for cars