Oceanarium in Santo Domingo

Recently, in Santo Domingo you can admire the representatives of rare marine flora and fauna. The oceanarium, bearing the speaking name Aquamundo, has 72 aquariums (partly with fresh water) covering an area of ​​1600 square meters. For ease of orientation, it is divided into several thematic zones – habitats of reptiles, insects, tropical fish, sharks, huge corals, etc. A small fishing village is also equipped here, so that tourists get the most complete picture of the life of the local working people. Well, the glass tunnel that demonstrates underwater ocean life, as they say, from the inside – in conditions as close to natural as possible looks especially impressive.

Pictures on request santo domingo

The most daring (and not poor) visitors are given the opportunity to personally feed the stingrays, as well as swim in one of the aquariums, making up a company of fishing brethren.