Mount Redonda

Mount Redonda is one of the most romantic places in the entire Dominican Republic and must-haves for those who need super-photos to everyone envy. It is on this mountain that you can feel like a flying witch on a broomstick, or climb a swing right into the sky …

гора Редонда в Доминикане

Mount Redonda has become the “calling card” of the country quite recently, but everyone has already become fond of it due to its crazy views: on the one hand, a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, and on the other, mountains. Everywhere you look, there is such beauty everywhere that it is not clear what to do – either a photo, or just remember …

To be in this wonderful place is not difficult, just buy a tour or go on your own. The attraction is located about 60 km from Bavaro, at an altitude of 330 meters. At the entrance you will be offered to transfer to small safe trucks or pickups. According to the decision of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, entry into the mountain on their cars is prohibited, in view of ensuring safety on narrow and winding roads. After ten minutes of shaking along the serpentine along fruit trees and shrubs, you are on a mountain! Usually, both adults and children can tolerate such a rise.

Photographers will be waiting for you at the site, ready for extra cost to make spectacular professional shots, props (brooms, swings, hammocks), benches for rest and cafes – in short, everything to relax and enjoy the tropical nature. You can use your equipment without any problems, but if you decide to arrange a photo shoot here with your photographer, then you will have to purchase permission to shoot for an additional fee.

Of course, it is better to be here in clear and sunny weather, and it does not matter in the morning or in the evening. At dawn, the mountains are surrounded by soft gentle haze, and the sunset will amaze you with all kinds of colors, and you can say with complete confidence: “I saw the Dominican Republic and it is beautiful!”