The cost of gasoline in the Dominican Republic, how to refuel and what to fear

Let me remind everyone right away that the Dominican Republic does not produce oil or even process oil, so it makes no sense to compare the cost of gasoline with Russian. The Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic) is a multicultural and diverse country, therefore milk is here in liters and gasoline in gallons.

The American gallon is equal to 3,785411784 liters. Petrol prices at gas stations are indicated in local currency, Dominican pesso.

Relatively recently, gas stations in the tourist area of Punta Cana have become abundant, although before they had to be content with only two. Most of them are equipped with a minimarket where you can find everything as it seems to me, but unfortunately they do not work around the clock. Of course, you can find gas stations 24/7, but their share is small, so if you have an early trip, take care to refuel from evening, hours until 22:00.

How to refuel

Forget about self-service at gas stations, here the tanker will do everything for you and even wash your glasses for a small tip and offer to check the liquids in the car (our cars undergo regular maintenance and we recommend that you refrain from this service). In fact, you may not even get out of the car even if payment is made from a card, then at every gas station there is a mobile payment terminal, which, among other things, is slowly starting to introduce payment via PayPass.

It is most beneficial to pay for refueling in local currency with a Dominican pesso (the rate at the time of writing article 1 American dollar is equal to 53 Dominican pesso), but if you have only dollars at hand, check the dollar exchange rate before refueling in order to immediately evaluate your expenses. It looks like the perfect refueling, but we recommend that you still get out of the car and follow the entire refueling process:

Gasoline in Spanish is Gasolina. Gasolina It is divided into two types: