El Limon Waterfall

As soon as this waterfall is not called and what rumors it is not surrounded by! The “Waterfall of Millionaires” (they say if you make a wish to get rich under its waters, it will certainly come true!) Is located on the Saman Peninsula, and many consider it the highest in the country, which is not entirely true. El Limon has a height of 55 meters, while Aguas Blancas boasts 83 meters, which is still not enough to be considered the highest waterfall, because La Jalda wins with a height of 121 meters. But here’s the minus – you can fly up to it only by helicopter, but on El Limone you will have an unforgettable adventure!

The adventure begins already in choosing a route: you can get to the waterfall from four ranches – Rancho Español, Arroyo Surdido, El Café and El Limón, there is no fundamental difference between them. You will be offered a horse ride through the jungle, slippery paths through cliffs with several halts for short rest. Take care of comfortable shoes and water: “a trip to the waterfall” only sounds easy, in fact, it will require both courage and physical strength from you.

After 30 minutes of extreme paths on a mule or horse (as lucky) you will be taken to the waterfall. By the way, the waterfall will be named due to the color of its water – greenish-yellow. However, the color is highly dependent on the season, and if you go to it, for example, in December, you may see saturated emerald waters.

Needless to say, what a pleasure it is to be after a tiring and hot journey under the jets of a cool refreshing waterfall? But be careful, there are sharp stones at the bottom, which, however, does not stop local residents and guides from entertaining tourists with spectacular jumping from a height for tips.

But, if you are a fan of truly extreme excursions, you should know about other ways to get to the waterfall: on foot or by canyoning along the El Limon River. In the first case, you can’t do without rubber boots and three hours of endurance, in the second version you have to overcome the entire route on your own – swimming, climbing and jumping into the water.