Dolphinarium in Punta Cana

Swimming with dolphins, experiencing bright, unmatched emotions is the dream of many! It is possible to carry it out by visiting one of the four existing dolphinariums of the Dominican Republic. A lot of positive emotions guaranteed!
  All dolphinariums are upscale and are very popular among guests of the Dominican Republic. There are three dolphinariums in Punta Cana, another located in the city of Puerto Plata.

Tour cost
A ticket to any dolphin park can be bought at local agencies. The initial cost depends on the chosen program (from $ 45). Guides of travel companies offer such entertaining excursions (it will cost about $ 500 for two). There are a lot of options, like prices. Do not worry if the price at the time of purchase suddenly seems too high, since it usually includes various components and activities, therefore, at a higher price, the program will be more meaningful. For example, visiting Manati Park is cheaper than staying at Dolphin Island Park, but, according to tourists, the program is less interesting.
If you want to be photographed, you will have to spend an additional $ 50 per person, a joint photo with your family – $ 70.

Dolphinarium Dolphin Island Park

This article will focus on the Dolphin Island Park dolphinarium in the open sea of ​​the Caribbean. This Punta Cana attraction is listed on TripAdvisor as a must-see when traveling to the Dominican Republic.
 You can get to the island by transport provided by Dolphin Island Park.
 The park is located near Bavaro, a city on the west coast of the Dominican Republic. It is open daily.
 When buying an excursion, a check is issued indicating the date, time when the transfer picks up the tourist from the hotel. It also spells out what to take with you. You must not forget bathing accessories, creams that protect from the scorching sun, a towel, etc.

Need to know!
Upon arrival at the park, the guides will provide a summary of the rules and instructions that must be followed during your stay at the dolphinarium. Dolphins have delicate skin, so all earrings, rings, chains, bracelets, except hotel ones, will need to be removed. Even hair bands will be asked to be removed. It is better to leave everything in the hotel room immediately. Valuable things can be given to the guide, because the cells for things do not have keys on the doors.

Then it’s time to put on swimwear and swimming trunks and join the dolphins in clear Caribbean water! Here you can fully enjoy their playful character, watch them perform tricks under the command of coaches. It will be possible to take a photo with a dolphin kissing on the cheek or hugging him, or riding on his back. This part of the program lasts about an hour.
In Dolphin Island Park you can safely swim and play with curious marine mammals, admire them, see stingrays and sharks.
Visitors will have a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with one of the smartest creatures in the ocean, frolic with these friendly mammals, and in other park pavilions to see other “inhabitants” of the sea kingdom.
An inexpensive program is as follows: visitors are put in a row, and a dolphin swims around them, following the trainer’s commands. Dolphin can be touched. That’s all.
For those who do not know and do not understand Spanish, it is better to go with tour guides from travel companies who can translate, tell how to perform the exercises correctly and what, in general, needs to be done?
When dolphins perform commands and tricks, it must be remembered that they are strong and powerful, with carelessness on the part of humans, you can harm yourself. The program begins with the implementation of easy exercises, then the complexity increases. Even just to keep the dolphin is not an easy task, it is very exciting. Many do not succeed right away and instructors give the opportunity to try again.
After swimming, you can watch animals in other park pavilions. During swimming with masks and snorkels (there is a rental) you can see spotted stingrays and colorful fish. The “meeting” with powerful sharks patrolling the water space is impressive and leaves an unforgettable imprint in the memory. There is an underwater observation room in the park. You can go to the natural reef from the island to watch the wild marine life.
The program may include riding a speed boat, which drives at high speed, creating drifts with water splashes. A charge of vivacity and positive will be provided!
It is best to spend the whole day visiting the park. Guides and dolphinarium specialists will be happy to answer all your questions. After the end of the tour you can buy DVDs and photos, where wonderful emotions, positive emotions, drive experienced on this amazing day will be captured!