Miracle Cave in Dominican Republic

La Cueva de las Maravillas, or, for short, the Miracle Cave is one of the most amazing places in the Dominican Republic. Located at a depth of almost 25 m, it stores valuable evidence of ancient culture – rock paintings left by the Taino Indians. During a short, but very memorable group walk, you can see over five hundred old engravings and pictograms (according to approximate calculations, “at least 500 years old”), which eloquently tell about the life and ritual rites of an extinct tribe. There is also plenty of miraculous beauty here: stalactites hanging from the ceilings form a kind of openwork lace, and stalagmites are folded into massive arches.

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It is worth noting that the infrastructure of the Miracle Cave is quite modern – a special elevator is installed for simplified descent, convenient routes are laid, there are stairs and lighting elements in the right places. Moving from room to room, tourists overcome small bridges over the rivers, looking at the colorful local inhabitants – butterflies, birds and real troglodytes, who have taken root in the comfortable microclimate of the dungeon.