Coco Bongo Nightclub in Punta Cana

This sensational institution is worth visiting even for those who do not have a special love for dancing: in addition to the disco, spectacular acrobatic studies, vocal performances of local celebrities, fascinating performances performed by doubles of popular stars, grandiose dance performances, soap bubbles and balloons show, impressive cabaret-style scenes. Technical equipment at the highest level – even at the very entrance, you can clearly see and hear everything that happens in the arena – entertainment numbers are broadcast on giant screens, lighting, sound and smoke effects are designed with maximum scrupulousness.

Coco Bongo gives an excellent idea of the Dominican style of dancing (as you know, passionate rhythms of bachata and merengue originated on this land). Of course, the matter is not limited to national motives – both modern world music and incendiary retro hits sound within the walls of the institution. In the adjoining bar with a terrace you can eat burgers, pasta, fajitos and sandwiches, order exotic cocktails for every taste and color (all drinks are included in the price of the entrance ticket).